Calibrating MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Battery

Internal process in the MacBook helps to provide the accurate information of the MacBook’s batter but with the passage of the performance decreases and battery statistics bit confusing. Calibrating helps to improve the battery performance of MacBook.

It is possible to keep the track of your MacBook Battery by calibrating. In all the MacBook working capabilities there is an internal processor working that helps to maximize the performance of the MacBook battery power effectively. It helps to provide the detail report of how much battery is using in system and how much it left by analyzing the statistics of the current state of the batter usage in the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. It provides the information of the battery consuming by the different application or system application working at the same in the MacBook.


Calibration routine helps to analyze the correct prediction and provide detail information of the entire system. Processor calibration provide the more accurate results of battery usage and improve the working capabilities of the battery performance in the system. Calibration routine helps to make the analysis that gauge the battery performance and analyses the prediction of the reaming battery left in the system.

If you are using the old MacBook and haven’t performance the calibration process, then it may not hurt the battery. But on the other end it disturbs the working capability of battery to make the correct prediction of the battery status. Performance of the battery can’t be analyzing effectively. After the calibrating process it improves the battery calculation and made more accurate analysis of the battery performance in the MacBook.


Now at this point you must be thinking that how to calibrate your old MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Right?

Let’s discuss this aspect in detail,

The first step is to fully charge your MacBook. Plugin the charger and let the MacBook charge until the light indicates that MacBook fully charged and Don’t configure this through the battery section menu. Just charge the MacBook until the light indicates that MacBook fully charged.

Let the charger be plugin for at least two hours. Meanwhile you can use the MacBook or run any of the application and remember you are using the AC adapter power not the MacBook’s battery. After the two hours of the usage, don’t turn off the MacBook Pro but simply use it. Use the MacBook as long as all of the battery drained off. At this point save all the work and then plugin the charger to charge the MacBook’s battery. When low battery dialogue box appears on the screen don’t perform nay critical task as it may sleep the MacBook.


After the use of at least 4 hours, now charge the MacBook again and this’s how the battery of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro calibrated. Internal process of the battery analyzer in the system will now provide more accurate information and works effectively. Other tips include the optimization of the MacBook Battery that helps to save the battery while performing the heavy task or reforming critical task.

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